I’m in a car, most of my belongings crowd me in. I’m driving sleeplessly into a new space. At times our conversations are animated at the sights of new things. We talk about how living passionately and spontaneously has a mystic quality that can overthrow structure and restore emotion to our experiences. We are like wide-eyed children, amazed and dazzled by our new experiences. There are also long moments of intense silence between us. We become extremely pensive as we drive through several states, occasionally changing the music, sometimes letting an album expire for hours before selecting a new one. I’m thinking of things from my childhood. I’m thinking of the not-knowing.

My most recent work explores concepts of both childhood and adult psychology, and the intersection of fantasy and social interaction. I have been doing an ongoing series of performances, prints, and illustrations inspired by methods in Jungian psychology, such as automatic drawing. I feel that the impact of my visual artwork is largely psychological, and my performances work in a similar way, peppered with notions of karma and energetic direction. My ongoing performances Invitation to an Adventure and Free Labour Dream Holiday are meant to elicit suppressed dreams and emotional truths from viewers. By intervening with simple symbolic gestures, I’m attempting to change the landscape of the world around me to one that is less oppressive, and more enriching to the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual states of all people.